GSB Supplement Specialist Course

Course Objective:

Become an advisor/expert in selecting the best supplements for Fat loss, muscle building, Weight gain, Anxiety relief, stress relief, Gut Health, and Insomnia. The science-based certification is designed to help you build personalised dietary supplement programs for your clients and to mitigate the risk of harmful intakes.

Course Outcome:

  • Calculate the exact dosing for each Supplement (varies from person to person)
  • Including chemical names and ingredients used as fillers, binders, lubricants and coatings
  • Identify the best supplements to recommend and exactly how and when to take them
  • Educate your client about interactions with drugs, wrong combinations, toxicity levels and potential side effects of each supplement
  • Qualify, evaluate and put forward innovative accessories with total confidence
  • The basics of dietary supplements
  • Building a supplement programme for your client
  • Advanced dietary supplements
  • The best, worst and how they interact
  • Toxicity and safety of vitamins and minerals Supplements and healing
  • Supplements and healing