Exercise Specialist

Sports Nutrition Curriculam

Opening opportunities in the field of nutrition & dietetics

Nutrition plays a vital role in the performance of an athlete, and hence there is a huge demand for professionals who have sound knowledge of the same. It is proved that nutrition could affect the performance of a person's internal organs & psychology. With the help of a certified nutritionist, one can be ensured that the suggested diet plan can help in fulfilling the body requirements (after considering the present health condition) with the right balance of nutrients. An athlete needs to get follow-up sessions from a sports nutritionist to keep his performance at the peak for specific demands and training sessions. Thus, it is considered a promising career option.

Topics that you will learn from the GSB Sports Nutrition course

  • GI Tract and how it functions and enzyme control indigestion
  • Macro and micronutrients and their necessity in the human body
  • Role of carbohydrates in sports performance and debunking myths related to carbohydrates
  • Role of fats in sports performance
  • Role of protein in sports performance
  • Role of vitamins and minerals in sports performance
  • Water and electrolyte in sports performance
  • Types of diets
  • Diet for PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes, Arthritis and other lifestyle diseases
  • Diet for weight management and lean muscle gaining
  • RDA's and Calories Calculation
  • Special Population
  • Debunking myths related to diet
  • Supplements

What's unique about this certification course?

  • Standard curriculum: The curriculum is planned in such a way that it can cover almost every concept offered in sports nutrition courses of different reputed academies. So, you will stay one step ahead of your folks in terms of knowledge.
  • Study on special dietary requirements:  Nutrition requirement of people suffering problems like Diabetes, PCOD, etc., or special population (consisting children, women, elderly) is different. Hence, you get some special sessions to study their dietary requirements.
  • Sessions on supplements: In some cases, you may need to suggest some supplements to the athlete to enhance the performance. So get in-depth knowledge on the same.
  • 1:1 mentoring to clear all doubts:  You can ask your doubts anytime from your instructors personally or while attending the session.