Type 1 diabetes – causes, symptoms & treatment

Recently, a famous American singer, Nick Jonas openly shared about his health condition on social media. He shared that he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 13 and this medical issue left him devastated & frightened. Even many sources suggest that the prevalence of this health condition is increasing at a significant rate. Globally, its incidence was 15 per 100,000 people (1980-2019). But how to identify if you are suffering from this problem? Let's discuss it more in the upcoming sections.


What is type 1 diabetes?

Diabetes is a health condition in which the pancreas is not able to generate enough insulin. This hormone helps in absorbing blood sugar for energy at the cellular level. Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in children, adolescents, or young people. Hence it can develop a point of time. When compared with type 2 diabetes, its progression is faster, and its symptoms are more obvious.


Causes that you should know!

According to the experts, the exact cause is still unknown. It is also titled as an autoimmune reaction in which the healthy cells of the body unintentionally attack the pancreas, which leads to the inability to produce insulin. But the reason behind this reaction is not clear.

Many experts believe that this condition develops due to genetics and other factors like diet, environment, etc. Though they're not the exact reason, such factors can increase the risk of type 1 diabetes.


Risk factors : Be aware of them

Family history: It is said that one is at a higher risk of type 1 diabetes if their first-degree family member suffered from its problem.

Genetics: Some gene mutations are more prone to develop such problems in the body.

Geography: It is observed that the incidence of this health condition increases as we move farther from the equator.

Age: It is observed that this medical condition usually develops in the 2 noticeable peaks, i.e., 4 -7 years & 10 & 14 years of age.


Complications to be taken care of:

It is advised to take medical advice soon as possible, otherwise the following completion may develop:

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Nerve damage due to poorly controlled sugar levels in the blood
  • Kidney damage
  • Eye damage
  • Foot damage
  • Slow healing power
  • Risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, and birth defects during pregnancy



Symptoms that shouldn't be ignored!

  • Sudden increase in appetite or thirst
  • Blurred vision
  • Tiredness  
  • Increase in the frequency of urination
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Sudden problem of bed wetting in children
  • Mood swings

If you observe these symptoms, then it is better to get an expert's help as soon as possible.



Apart from the regular test, you may be recommended to undergo some tests like:

  • Glycated hemoglobin test: It will help you get the average blood sugar level by measuring the percentage of blood sugar combined with hemoglobin cells.
  • Blood sugar test: It will help in getting the values of blood sugar in the blood.
  • Fasting blood sugar test: This test be performed after overnight fasting.



There are many treatment options, but the ideal one is to opt for a healthy lifestyle. For the management of this problem, you can consider taking help from GSB Fit. They develop a customize a naturopathic therapy, which will encourage them to switch to a healthy lifestyle and maintain their blood sugar level without injecting insulin. In the long run, it will help in reversing the condition and leading to a healthier and happy life.



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