How does IBS cause Sexual Disorders?

Maintaining a healthy relationship is hard and it becomes even harder if you mix Irritable Bowel Syndrome into it. Isn’t it? Well, some couples complain about having not a good relationship just because they are not comfortable talking about this topic with their soulmate.

If we look at the recent Patient survey of over three hundred professionals, it has been found that around 79% of people were agreed that IBS can affect romantic dating/relationship/sexual life. So, how does IBS actually brings out sexual disorders? Or how we can get rid of this problem when intimating with our lovee doovee? Well, read this post till the last dot and get all your answers!

IBS causing Sexual disorders-


  1. Painful Menstruation Period

Many women find difficulties at times of period as they experience gastrointestinal variations including constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, etc during the menstrual cycle. Diarrhoea and abdominal pain tend to enhance during the phase of pre-menses and reach a maximum level on the 1st to 2nd day of menstrual flow.

On the other hand, other problems like constipation and bloating increase post-ovulation, which is around 14 days, and it stays increased until the menstrual flow appears. Women having IBS come up with the following symptoms as well during their period: insomnia, backache, fatigue, insensitivities to food, gas, cramps, etc.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction Common in Men

Erectile dysfunction due to IBS is very prevalent in men as per the recent record. If you see, around 39% of men are having global sexual dysfunction and ninety-four percent is of ED. This can ultimately decrease incompatibility in partners due to a lack of sexual interactions.

It is essential to go for screening for sexual dysfunction if any of the IBS symptoms are seen. Better to consider the referral treatment using behavioural techniques or pharmacotherapy when appropriate.


  1. Lack of Physical Intimacy

One of the biggest side-effects of Irritable Bowel Syndrome is the lack of intimacy between couples. This can not only bring the sexual disorders but also reduce the interest that is needed for a relationship to sustain. Lower sex activities, constant urge to go for the bathroom, pain in the abdomen all leads to sexual problems.


Some Effective Solutions to Strong Your Love Bond!

  1. Talk with your partner – The best way to cure IBS is not to hide with your partner, in fact, talk as much as you can. Open up and take precautions so that you will feel good. whenever you are roaming with your loved one.
  2. Be Strict with your diet- Balanced diet can really help you in the long run. When going out with your partner in a restaurant, try to order a meal that is lactose-free, gluten-free, or free from garlic and onion.
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