Effects of PGCL or Cloprostenol Sodium on humans

During the tenure when consumption of performance improving drugs came into the trend for purposes like fat-loss, muscle gain, and athletic performance improvement. One such drug is PGCL. But what is this drug, and why have people started using it? Let's discuss the effects of this drug  and find out why it gained popularity.

PGCL is an analog of Prostaglandin Factor 2-Alpha and is also known as Cloprostenol Sodium. This steroid never gained the license to be used in humans and thus is never recommended to use. It is originally formulated for spontaneous abortions in animals. Hence it is an FDA-approved animal drug product.



PGCL is a type of prostaglandin which are a group of lipids made up at the sites of damaged tissues. Prostaglandins and their metabolites are virtually found in every tissue and control activities like blood flow, blood clots, etc. But sometimes, the effect of this secretion can result different on different tissue. And some experts even say that it is not stored in the tissue, but is generated due to some physiological triggers. Specifically talking about PGF2a, it is also helpful in stimulating the muscle contractions that aid in giving birth in mammals.

PGCL effect on humans

It is said that a nominal dose of this drug can lead to many unexpected effects. Soon after the consumption of this steroid, one can feel the urge to defecate. Moreover, one can even experience prolonged diarrhea for some minutes with abdominal pain.

At the same, the person can even suffer experience flu-like symptoms, tiredness, nausea, and vomiting.

A regular dosage of PGCL can lead to enhanced muscle size, which is not experienced with any other performance-enhancing drug as it is more potent than human growth hormone (HGH). Moreover, it suppresses the appetite, which leads to similar results as dieting. However, the athlete may observe some positive results like fat loss and vascularity; the side-effects outweigh the positive ones.


So, when discussing Cloprostenol Sodium, the list of side effects is long. One should always consider medical advice before taking such drugs. Moreover, one may also require making changes in the body's diet plan as it balances the calorie count. You may be advised to increase the intake of proteins and fluids in the diet. Hence, one should only consider this drug if a  medical expert has suggested it with all the measures to prevent side effects.



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