Can we drink Coffee in IBS?

Some people begin their day with morning coffee as they feel this is the best thing for healthy digestion. But, this is not true at all. Coffee contains caffeine which is definitely good for the intestine; in fact it worsens the symptoms of IBS. Caffeine enhances the acid production in the stomach which causes indigestion and pain. Adding to that, it invigorates motor activity levels in the gut/colon which can lead to diarrhea. Hence, doctors advise IBS patients to stay away from Coffee cups.

How Caffeine Worsens the Symptoms of IBS?

  1. Stress Response Gets Increased – IBS patients who experience anxiety or stress should avoid coffee from their daily routine as it creates a spasmodic effect on your colon which is not good for your health. Also, it increases stress & heart rate response, adding more symptoms to IBS. As stress worsens the IBS symptoms, caffeine can also contribute to the stress-symptom cycle.


  1. Your Coffee is Having Salicylates – A chemical compound named Salicylates is present in the coffee. This chemical naturally occurred in many food items and also artificially produced in some products like toothpaste and aspirin. Salicylates are not included in FODMAPs (having carbohydrates leading to symptoms of IBS) but can create similar gut symptoms.

Though only a small portion of people are sensitive to salicylates, it may cause IBS symptoms. If you are unsure about this, then make sure you are consulting with a dietician or doctor. Good to Know that GSBFit is providing you with both medical practitioners and dieticians under one roof.

  1. Speed Up the Bowel Movement – The caffeine in coffee increases the motility which means food quickly moves through your body system and your urge to go to the washroom. It happens because coffee stimulates hormones and nerve receptors in the colon. In a study, it has been stated that coffee improves the need for a bowel movement in just four minutes of consumption. It is really troublesome for those people that are suffering from diarrhea-predominant IBS as motility is quite faster than it should be.

However, for those people having IBS-C, caffeine is suitable as it stimulates digestive material movement easily in the gut. But, this approach must be taken cautiously as too much caffeine leads to abdominal cramps, which is even not fit for IBS-C sufferers.

  1. Increment in Stomach Acid Production – A toxic organic compound named catechols and caffeine is contained in coffee which can stimulate the secretion of acid in the stomach. Also, this acid leads to indigestion and heartburn. However, you can go with cold brew coffee instead of hot brewed coffee because the former is less acidic.

Take Away Lesson!

Surely, coffee comes with several health benefits and promotes alertness and productivity levels. But for those who are suffering from IBS, coffee can actually exacerbate their symptoms. Hence, it is advisable not to bring coffee cups into the routine. Thinking about what you can have instead of Coffee then? Well, connect with the best fitness trainers and dieticians at GSBFit, they can tell you what goes best for you? So, without making any delay, connect today!