CURE IBS in 60 Days

In today's generation almost every 1 person out of 10 people are suffering from IBS or IBS related issues in their day to day lifestyle. According to many recent statistics the future world will tend to suffer with IBS from their very early age.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a lifestyle disorder that affects the functioning between brain & the large intestine which leads to abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea.

Weak muscle contraction in the intestine, abnormalities in the nerves present in the digestive system, intestinal infection, unhealthy lifestyle, and stress are some factors that may become the cause of this problem.

The right type of food and a relaxed mind can be the easiest solutions for the management of this problem.

Around 10-20% of the global population is affected by this health condition, but faces difficulty in the treatment as sometimes it may get unnoticed. It can even deteriorate the quality of life.

Understanding the cause

Understanding the cause

There are many reasons that can lead to IBS or related symptoms, and for effective treatment, we analyze individual concerns deeply. For more better understanding our counsellor will suggest a few tests evaluate the condition, cause and severity.

Lifestyle guidance & food habits

Lifestyle guidance & food habits

Our counsellors are very much experienced when it comes to lifestyle modifications with healthy habbits. A team of experienced Dieticians plans your diet plan according to the patient's food preference and present dietary requirements.

Focusing on easing digestion

Focusing on easing digestion

Things that should be followed before, during and after the meal are suggested which stimulates digestion power. It includes chewing food and avoiding water consumption just before & after taking the meal.


Laughter Therapy

Laughter therapy produces stress-releasing chemicals hence helping IBS patients to stick to the regime.

Behavioral Counselling

1:1 GSB Behavioural Counselling

A person suffering with IBS symptoms are always having Anxiety & Depression related issues.

Our Behavioral therapist will help you to carry positive thoughts in daily lifestyle with their personal counselling sessions.

To motivate the patients, we offer 1:1 sessions and counseling. It helps them to let go of the negative feeling and clear their future plans with a positive manner.

Meditation and exercises to curb down stress levels. GSBPathy's team will design a workout plan that can help in maintaining bodily fitness as well as relax the mind through out a day.