Exercise Specialist

GSB - Exercise Specialist

GSB Exercise Specialist Course is an exclusive course of GSBFIT which is all about Practical Implementation of all exercises which are done in any of the Health Club. This course teaches about the Origin and Insertion of all muscle groups, Biomechanical Analysis of movement, in which plane movement is happening, what are Agonist, Stabilizer, Synergist and antagonist Muscle names and how it happens?.

This Course helps students to screen movement scientifically, design an accurate workout schedule as per Individual workout requirement and minimize the areas of injuries for any individual.

Although injuries are part and parcel of any goer Athlete/Non Athlete but this Course provides all Fitness Professional a strong area to explore and helps them to become educated Fitness Professional As most of personal Trainer struggle to understand these Practical Implementation.

A trainer only knows that his member is doing Squat, Lunges, Lat pulldown, shoulder press etc but most Trainer don't understand what are different Planes and how it is related to any Individual movement screening.

What is the right method to screen movement. Very useful Course for all Fitness and Non Fitness Professionals.