Bodybuilding and Physique Prep Coach

Course Objective:

To Educate Fitness and Non-Fitness Professionals about Bodybuilding and Physique contest preparation.
The science-based certification is designed to help Fitness and Non-Fitness professionals to understand the science of Steroids and Peptides.

Additional Benefits:

Free Fitness and Nutrition courses worth Rs 35000/- required to become a Bodybuilding and Physique Prep Coach
Free Steroid and Peptide Books worth Rs 18000/- are required to become a Bodybuilding and Physique Prep Coach

What will you learn?

  • Anabolic Steroids, HGH, IGF, Insulin
  • Dosage of Steroids and Peptides
  • Updated and New Peptides, Fragments
  • Peak Week Plannings
  • Cutting and Bulking Cycle Diuretics
  • Male Breast
  • Acne and Hair Loss Management
  • Fat Loss Drugs FDA-Approved Drugs
  • Blood Test & PCT
  • Coaching Female Competitors
  • Peptides for Fat Loss
  • Peptides for Weak Muscle Gaining
  • Peptides for Spot Gaining
  • Stacking of Peptides and Steroids
  • Sample Steroid and Peptide Cycles
  • How to Measure Fat Percentage with Skin Caliper and Much More